By aiming to become a leading company in the industry and one of the largest companies executing engineering projects in the field of construction we'll continue to tell the story of our vision through our services for you.

Benghazi | Northern Alfwayhat
Dagadosta st. Shari Al Muntazah

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Delal Al-Memar

By aiming to become a leading company in the industry.

Our company was founded in 2017, established by a group of engineers with extensive experience in the fields of implementation and supervision of various engineering projects, and they have long experience in the field of implementation of large and small projects based on their technical experience, and the company belongs to many engineers with competence and experience in Different areas, and the company aims to reach the comprehensive quality in all its work.

the development process of the company is related to materials and technical human resources and the work it provides that rises to a high level of quality according to the applicable engineering specifications.

Our message of quality & sustainability

with the commitment to provide a high level of services and products in accordance with quality standards. we're pleased to implement many projects as we aim to reach comprehensive quality in our work, we hope to give us the opportunity to implement your projects and supervise the success of their construction.

Projects that have been implemented by Delal Al-Memar:-
  • Project for modification and maintenance of the building of the Benghazi Radio and Television Network (BBN) in Benghazi.
  • The Jordan Street paving project, the link between the Fourth Ring Road and the Fifth Ring Road - Benghazi.
  • A project to build and implement eight residential buildings, totaling 49 housing units, in the Daqadosta neighborhood - Benghazi.
  • A project to build and implement five residential buildings with a total of 43 housing units in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood - Benghazi.
  • A project to build and implement three residential buildings in Venice area, with a total of 24 housing units - Benghazi.
  • A project to build and implement two residential buildings, totaling 12 housing units, in the Al-Tabalinwa area - Benghazi.
  • Implementation and preparation of plans and designs for a housing complex in Al-Hawari area, with ten residential plots - Benghazi.
  • Executing and preparing plans and designs for a 6-hectare residential complex in Al-Hawari area - Benghazi.

Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company contracting with our company
to intiate the proccess of building their new Headquarter in Benghazi, Libya.

M / Salah Abdullah Al-Dorsi
General Manager of the company

Projects Under Construction:

  • Implementation of 140 housing units in Ganfouda Area
  • Project to establish the gate of the sea port of Jaliana – Benghazi.
  • Clinic building of Jaliana Seaport.
  • Bank construction project - the sea port of Jaliana.
  • construction of an observation building - the sea port of Jaliana.

  • Our vision is a story, our mission is quality
          and our services are for you.